What to Expect
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What to Expect

Our Process: Pleasant, Straightforward, and the Realization of Your Vision

Clients have told us that meeting with them early in the process of thinking about building a new home saved them time and money and avoided headaches down the road. We believe it could help you too. We encourage you to contact us to learn how.

Phase 1: Initial meeting

We begin by listening. You’ll meet directly with us to discuss your vision. During this meeting you’ll discover how to find land, determine a budget, develop home plans, specify building materials, obtain permits and build your dream home.

Phase 2: Preliminary sketches and cost estimates

At this phase you’ll receive design sketches and cost estimates to be sure the design being developed matches your vision and is within your budget. You’ll receive our advice on ways to accomplish your goals price effectively and design efficiently.

Phase 3: Revised/refined plans and cost estimates

Based on your input into the preliminary sketches and budget, at this point you’ll receive further developed plans and more precise cost estimates.

Phase 4: Construction drawings and building agreement

Lastly, you’ll receive construction drawings and a fixed price building agreement to construct your home from start to finish. Our experience as a developer leaves no stone unturned for you.

Phase 5: Preconstruction kickoff conference

Before construction begins, you’ll attend a preconstruction conference where you’ll receive a detailed written road map of what happens during construction and when. This is intended to take the “mystery” out of the construction of your home and make it an enjoyable experience.

Phase 6: Construction begins

Once construction begins, you’ll meet with us at predetermined checkpoints to review progress and have answered any questions you may have.

Phase 7: Completion of construction

After we have inspected your home at the conclusion of construction, you’ll receive an orientation of the entire home and an opportunity to review the work and make sure everything is done to your satisfaction.

Phase 8: Warranty

60 days after you move into your new home, and again 11 months after you move in, we will reinspect your home and take care of any warranty items you may need addressed.

Our Goal

In the end, our goal is simply for our clients to have such a positive experience working with us that they become repeat clients when they have construction needs in the future.

Find out what our clients are saying about the Meyer Homes building experience.

Let’s Talk About Your New Dream Home